Revlon Lashes


GREAT LENGTHS—Experience long lush lashes with this stunning selection of far-reaching fringes.

Revlon Lengthen featherLITE Technology

Revlon Intensifeye Lashes With Oxy-Fiber Technology

Delicately crafted with soft, breathable synthetic fibers that are designed to comfortably fit and seamlessly blend with your natural lash line. The effect? Incredibly gorgeous and natural-looking lashes that are so lightweight, you’ll forget you have them on. These lashes will go on and stay on beautifully when applied with our high-performing, gentle adhesive (sold separately)

Revlon Intensifeye Lengthen Technology
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  • L101 Revlon Intensifeye Lengthen L101
  • L103 Revlon Intensifeye Lengthen L103