Revlon Lashes


THINK BIG—From subtle to sultry—but always incredibly voluminous—these volumizing lashes create the irresistible illusion of lush, thick-from-every-angle, luxurious-looking lashes.

Revlon Volumize featherLITE Technology

Revlon® Lashes with featherLITE Technology

Stunning, lightweight lashes that gently hug the lash line and stay put all day long. These lashes will go on and stay on beautifully when applied with our high-performing, gentle adhesive (sold separately).

Revlon Volumize featherLITE Technology
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  • V04 Revlon Volumize V04
  • V21 Revlon Volumize V21
  • V25 Revlon Volumize V25
  • V27 Revlon Volumize V27
  • V44 Revlon Volumize V44
  • V63 Revlon Volumize V63
  • V73 Revlon Volumize V73
  • V75 Revlon Volumize V75
  • V90 Revlon Volumize V90
  • V92 Revlon Volumize V92
  • V94 Revlon Volumize V94

Revlon® Lashes with featherLITE Technology: Self-Adhesive

Everything you love about our Revlon® Lashes with featherLITE Technology… minus the need for glue. These ready-to-wear, pre-glued lashes include an extra set of self-adhesive strips.

Revlon Volumize featherLITE Self Adhesive
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  • V21 Revlon Volumize FeatherLITE Self-Adhesive V21


A value-packed foursome of our best-selling Revlon® Lashes with featherLITE Technology. Perfect for the avid lash user, economical and convenient.

Revlon Multi-Pack, Volumize
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  • V21 Revlon Multi-Pack, Volumize V21

Starter Kit

On your mark... get set... lashes! This all-in-one kit includes 1 pair of Revlon® Lashes with featherLITE Technology, 1 tube of latex adhesive, and one professional-quality eyelash applicator. Everything you need for a winning eye look.

Revlon Starter Kit, Volumize
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  • V25 Revlon Starter Kit, Volumize V25