Revlon Lashes

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A. Choose your eye shape from the chart below

Determining your eye shape will help you select the best styles to enhance your eyes.

  • Deep Set Eyes

    Deep Set Eyes

    Known to evoke mystery, deep-set eyes are large and appear to recede into the face, creating the illusion of a prominent brow bone. Those with deep-set eyes are said to be idealistic, creative and deeply romantic.

  • Hooded Eyes

    Hooded Eyes

    Because of their partly closed and heavy-lidded appearance, hooded eyes are often referred to as "bedroom eyes." Glamorous and alluring, hooded eyes are set so the natural eyelid crease is not readily seen.

  • Prominent Eyes

    Prominent Eyes

    Full, round eyes and eyelids that extend outward are called prominent eyes. Dramatic and highly desirable, prominent eyes tend to dominate the face.

  • Monolid Eyes

    Monolid Eyes

    Often described as exotic and ultra feminine, monolid eyes are characterized by the lack of a prominent crease and are typically more almond-shaped than round.

  • Upturned Eyes

    Upturned Eyes

    Also known as "almond eyes," upturned eyes turn slightly upward at the outside corner of eye. This cat-like shape is known to communicate a sexy confidence to the lucky beholder.

  • Downturned Eyes

    Downturned Eyes

    Synonymous with Hollywood glam and classic beauty, downturned eyes turn slightly downward at the outside corner of the eye.

B. Choose Your Style

Choose up to 4 styles and compare. Click a lash for results and click again to undo.

Effect Revlon® Lashes with featherLITE TECHNOLOGY Revlon® intensifeye with OXY-FIBER TECHNOLOGY
  • V04 Revlon Volumize V04
  • V21 Volumize V21
  • V25 Revlon Volumize V25
  • V27 Revlon Volumize V27
  • V44 Revlon Volumize V44
  • V63 Revlon Volumize V63
  • V73 Revlon Volumize V73
  • V75 Revlon Volumize V75
  • V90 Revlon Volumize V90
  • V92 Revlon Volumize V92
  • V94 Revlon Volumize V94
  • V101 Revlon Volumize V101
  • V103 Revlon Volumize V103
  • V105 Revlon Volumize V105
  • D01 Revlon Define d01
  • D03 Revlon Define d03
  • D05 Revlon Define d05
  • D20 Revlon Define d20
  • D22 Revlon Define d22
  • D40 Revlon Define d40
  • D63 Revlon Define d63
  • D101 Revlon Define d101
  • D103 Revlon Define d103
  • D105 Revlon Define d105
  • L01 Revlon Lengthen L01
  • L03 Revlon Lengthen L03
  • L20 Revlon Lengthen L20
  • L23 Revlon Lengthen L23
  • L26 Revlon Lengthen L26
  • L40 Revlon Lengthen L40
  • L43 Revlon Lengthen L43
  • L101 Revlon Lengthen L101
  • L103 Revlon Lengthen L103
  • A01 Revlon Accent A01
  • A03 Revlon Accent A03
  • A04 Revlon Accent A04
  • A05 Revlon Accent A05
  • A70 Revlon Accent A70

C. Lash Results

Downturned Eyes

  • Downturned Eyes Results V90
  • Downturned Eyes Results D01
  • Downturned Eyes Results D22
  • Downturned Eyes Results A03